Colorblock Tunic

I love following the Refashion Runway that Beth hosts on her blog The Renegade Seamstress.

Finally I decided this season I would sew along behind the scenes, and this week’s theme was tunics.

I love wearing tunics to travel in- they are so comfortable and keep you nice and covered up too. I had this kid’s XL t-shirt and this light pink cotton shirt that unfortunately had a large stain on the back.
I harvested the sleeves and the middle of the shirt to create a color blocking effect, and then took the bottom hem to act as the new neck band for extra contrast. I scalloped the bottom edges of the tunic and left them open at the sides for ease of movement.

Things since last time

I guess maybe all at once is the best way to do this, so here are some completed projects.


First up is a vintage halter top pattern made from vintage fabric that apparently I made a collage of with pretty ocean background. Below find View 3 of the same pattern, no collage and next to the corner of a white wall. Fun!


For an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, I took a red vest and added some embellishments.


The Zombie Gingerbread Men- yeah, that was Sean’s doing.

Then, I knit a whole bunch of things.


The teal drop stitch Boho hat is pretty basic, as is the Domo hat, and the Space Invaders hat. I just embellished the Domo hat and drafted a quick knitting chart for the Space Invaders one.

The pillows are a popcorn stitch pillow cover & a cable stitch pillow cover.

The cowl I call the Dip Dye Illusion and is just a really long infinity scarf doubled up- so cozy.

To complete the knitting fiesta, we have an owl shaped toy filled with catnip.

Then, of course, I went back to sewing a few more things, not all of which I have decent pictures of, but here are a couple.


Also, because I’m incredible cheesy I’ve been trying to sew matching pieces. The only trouble is that sometimes it takes me so long to sew something that by the time I finish he is too big for it! Case in point, the above cardigan had a total “fat man in a little coat” vibe going on.

Here are the new pillows I used to replace the two knit pillows above. That is how long it has been since I posted- those pillows are already worn out and gone. These are envelope style- super quick and very easy to sew, just a series of straight lines.


So, there you have it!




Not bragging, but there is kind of no way around it as I knit the word right into the socks.

Awesome knit socksAwesome socks

This was my first experience making my own chart, and, well, let’s just say it was trial and error, and maybe some throwing of yarn balls. I’m used to knitting with larger needles and had a tough time visualizing how large the letters would come out.

Frolicking Reindeer Hat

I finished this hat just in time for it to turn yucky and cold outside. This is my very first attempt at intarsia/fair isle. I say both because I tried it both ways before deciding stranded was the way to go.

Sort of really hilarious.

I know it’s totally juvenile, but I cannot stop giggling about this hat. For the chart, which I modified slightly, you can find it on Ravelry here.

Remember that time I…

sewed my finger? Yeah, that. This is what I was hard at work on.

A picture of the actual pattern, shortly before “the incident” occurred. The marked lines are where I sewed on the right side of the material after I had sewn the seams and turned it right-side out. This creates the “ridges” of the shell.


Finished product! (Please note escapee on the left side of photo.) I love the way they came out, nice and plump and seashell-y looking.

Tip: Stuff as much as you can before you sew the crescent at the bottom, it saves amazing amounts of time.