Hello, Random Baking Adventures

I love to bake from scratch.

Picture Perfect

That being said, I had a slight ridiculously huge obsession with Martha Stewart recipes and the books “Hello, Cupcake!” and “What’s New Cupcake?” both by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson. Often, I combine the two together to get exciting creations such as Monster Cupcakes for Halloween:

Or a golf cake for my grandfather’s birthday :

It was not very fun to roll white gumballs in corn syrup and then roll the whole gooey mess in white nonpareils to make the golf balls. In case you haven’t gone looking for nonpareils in a certain color, you may not know that they are not to be found in any of the six grocery stores near my house. The solution? Buy a container of multicolored nonpareils and pick out the white ones with tweezers, then reduce the number of suggested golf balls on the cake to two.

If you think that sounded difficult, it’s not as difficult as trying to make a spaghetti-and-meatball cupcake cake turn into a birthday themed cake, which I never figured out how to do. I just reasoned with myself that Sean’s co-worker, John, is Italian, likes spaghetti, and I was making it near his birthday.



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