Carrot Cake Cupcakes!


The carrots are made out of AirHeads.

Am I the only person who had NO idea there was an Orange AirHead?

I microwaved the candy for about 6-7 seconds, and then just cut triangles and shaped them up a little bit for the bottom of the carrot. Then, to make the carrot “lines” I took a knife and made a few indents across the triangle. The green parts were small rectangles, cut almost to the end and then fanned out. For some reason, I thought I would need 17 AirHeads to complete this project, which ended up being carrots for 32 cupcakes. In reality, I only needed about 8. It worked out really well for my co-worker, Crystal, who is a lover of green AirHeads and now has a surplus in the candy dish on her desk, but probably not for long.


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