Things since last time

I guess maybe all at once is the best way to do this, so here are some completed projects.


First up is a vintage halter top pattern made from vintage fabric that apparently I made a collage of with pretty ocean background. Below find View 3 of the same pattern, no collage and next to the corner of a white wall. Fun!


For an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, I took a red vest and added some embellishments.


The Zombie Gingerbread Men- yeah, that was Sean’s doing.

Then, I knit a whole bunch of things.


The teal drop stitch Boho hat is pretty basic, as is the Domo hat, and the Space Invaders hat. I just embellished the Domo hat and drafted a quick knitting chart for the Space Invaders one.

The pillows are a popcorn stitch pillow cover & a cable stitch pillow cover.

The cowl I call the Dip Dye Illusion and is just a really long infinity scarf doubled up- so cozy.

To complete the knitting fiesta, we have an owl shaped toy filled with catnip.

Then, of course, I went back to sewing a few more things, not all of which I have decent pictures of, but here are a couple.


Also, because I’m incredible cheesy I’ve been trying to sew matching pieces. The only trouble is that sometimes it takes me so long to sew something that by the time I finish he is too big for it! Case in point, the above cardigan had a total “fat man in a little coat” vibe going on.

Here are the new pillows I used to replace the two knit pillows above. That is how long it has been since I posted- those pillows are already worn out and gone. These are envelope style- super quick and very easy to sew, just a series of straight lines.


So, there you have it!